Introducing The Blogger: Nia Berry

Nia BerryHello readers! Though this blog is to help you get an insight about the events and information on Philadelphia Young Playwrights, I think maybe you should start with a little insight on me.

My name is Nia Berry and I attend Science Leadership Academy as a junior. My favorite class is English and my least favorite class is Math. I enjoy reading fiction books and creative writing. I have always enjoyed writing descriptive papers and stories in my spare time. Also, for a period in my life, I was greatly enthused about acting and theatre and still find the art of it all very interesting today.

Considering what my interests are, it is obvious why I am so excited to be working with Philadelphia Young Playwrights but this is not my first time participating with the company. I have personally, experienced the process of writing a piece with the help of the Philadelphia Young Playwright team.

Last year, I was one of the few chosen out of hundreds of students in Philadelphia as a winner of the Philadelphia Young Playwrights Young Voices High School Monologue Festival. With the help of my English teacher and General and Program Manager Genne Murphy of Philadelphia Young Playwrights, I was able to perfect a monologue I wrote called Warr Ave, a play about a teenage girl who reminisces about the death of her best friend due to the violence of a new neighbor.

I was very honored to have my piece selected but I was even more shocked by the outcome and production of my monologue. It was as if my personal feelings written on paper had come to life for the entire audience and myself to see. I truly felt like my voice was being heard and that is what Philly Young Playwright is about:  Getting every voice heard.

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