From SLA to PYP

This week I have been realizing connections with Philadelphia Young Playwrights and classes in school and things around me; not only am I involved in Philadelphia Young Playwrights, but I also take a theatre arts class at my school, Science Leadership Academy, with Mr. Mark Miles.

Mark Miles sets himself aside from just any other drama teacher. He not only helps students in his class better their characterization and stage performance but he also teaches lessons about the different types of stages and different types of scenes such as silent scenes, monologues, long scenes (about 8-10 minutes), and short scenes (about 2-3 minutes).

Currently we are working on silent scenes and I think this is a very interesting way to perform on stage. The actual movements become a lot more than just any other performance. The audience is left to analyze the piece performed themselves. The audience also has to pay a lot more attention to tiny details that “make the story” in order to interpret the performance properly and get the message that the writer is trying to convey. In order to prepare for this assignment we played some silent improvisation games which would get us ready for the larger assignment for the semester.

The larger assignment consists of every student directing a silent scene. To me, this is pretty difficult because we, as human beings, communicate through words. We are used to conveying points and ideas through words. This time we are stepping out of our comfort zones and doing it a little differently. It’s also harder because you have to make sure your story is evident to the audience so that the audience isn’t left with confusion after seeing your piece.

-Alaya White


About Philadelphia Young Playwrights

We are interns of Philadelphia Young Playwrights
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