New Voices: Workshop Productions – Alaya

Alaya, Gina, and Nia

Me, Gina, and Nia

Nia and I are so excited to be attending the New Voices:  Workshop Productions event on November 6, 2010. The event is the performance of the first place winners of the Philadelphia Young Playwrights playwriting contest. Saturday will be a wondrous event; we will be interviewing student playwrights, actors/actresses, and audience members. The luncheon is the portion of the day that I am looking forward to the most. I think it will be the most interesting because I will be able to talk to the people who wrote the plays and I will be able to ask them about the inspirations and reasons for why they wrote the plays. I would also like to ask the writers about how it feels to have a play in production. I feel as though it would be interesting to be able to talk to the directors also and find out why they set up the scene they did. I wonder if they have different reasons why they put things like movements and dialogue in specific ways to make certain things “pop out” more to the audience.

It is so exciting that one of my classmates won first place. The title of her play is God Makes No Mistakes. I am also interested in the actual acting out of the play because I am very familiar with the script because I helped Gina Dukes edit her play. We collaborated with peer editing for assignments. We preformed scenes of her play in class and gave feedback and suggestions for it. How far each student came last year just surprises me the most because I remember people who were empty handed with the entire process. Some people didn’t have any ideas while others had many, but we collectively, as students in the tenth grade, pulled through to make superb works of art. The entire process last year was very exciting and it’s even more exciting to see it on stage.

– Alaya White


About Philadelphia Young Playwrights

We are interns of Philadelphia Young Playwrights
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