Introducing The Blogger: Alaya White

Alaya WhiteHey Readers! My name is Alaya and this 2010-2011 school year I am interning with Philadelphia Young Playwrights. I am a junior at Science Leadership Academy. This opportunity is beyond amazing because I get to explore the wonderful world of creative writing through playwriting. I too am a playwright. I wrote a play entitled Dramatized. I originally wrote it in the 8th grade and submitted it to Philadelphia Young Playwrights. Although I did not win the contest, I took the feedback that was given to me and edited it again in my sophomore year of high school. I resubmitted it for the contest again and got more feedback. I find that the Philadelphia Young Playwrights process is very helpful with writing in general because of the fact that it is great practice for writing and you get amazing feedback from people who are professionals with writing. This blog informs you about the current events of Philadelphia Young Playwrights; things like playwrighting processes, professional collaboration with student writers, contest winning performances, and more.

Along with writing plays I have another love called Shotokan Karate. Over the years Karate has become my life. I have the huge responsibility of instructing & assisting classes of my own. I have been practicing the Shotokan Martial Art for 11 years and I am a first degree black belt. I describe karate and martial arts as my love in general because of the fact that I have been exposed to and enjoyed karate my entire life.

Some other things I enjoy doing other than writing plays and doing karate is writing poetry. Poetry brings out the heart inside me. Whether there is painful feelings, joyful feelings, passionate feelings, and things of that nature. I have a tendency to express feelings only in writing and I usually cannot iterate them verbally; not to people I am not on a first name basis with anyway. Like, someone meeting me for the first time, I would much rather write a poem to express and introduce myself to the world. Here is an excerpt for example to introduce me to the blog readers.

To wring out a story from my
While the thoughts spin out of control
My hand moves steadily
For the next wonderful thought
Just to think that every pen pressed to loose leaf
Every Keyboard letter typed
I am more and more becoming a playwright.


About Philadelphia Young Playwrights

We are interns of Philadelphia Young Playwrights
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